My Intentions

It has been said that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, as I currently have good intentions I’ll see you there.   I intend to try and keep this blog fairly up to date, something I’ve not quite succeeded at several times in the past.

I have recently become something of a OneNote fan.  At first I thought of it as word’s little brother, less able and less interesting.  Then I actually tried it, and then I sought out more information on the Microsoft Educator’s Community which is when I got seriously hooked.  So far I’ve used it in place of a record of work and found that it is way more flexible than any other way of keeping a record of work I’ve ever tried.  I even have a section for parents’ night.

I did try to introduce it with one class but I was trying to learn it at the same time and the course ended up being cancelled.  On the upside the pupils liked it.  I used the Class Notebook plug in and have experimented with learning tools.  As the authority uses windows seven I can’t use the dictation tools but the immersive reader is likely to be a winner with the pupils.


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